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Wazalando Crafts
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Wazalendo Crafts - Importing & trading in Kenyan made craft items

Wazalendo Crafts is a company based in Broadstairs, UK. It is registered to engage in the business of importing and trading in Kenyan made craft items. The partners of Wazalendo Crafts have wide international experience in this business. The company brings to its customers a vast collection of the most exquisite handicrafts from Kenya, handmade by indigenous artisans using various materials, including wood and soapstone.

Wood Products

Image of Wood Products by Wazalendo Crafts

Wazalendo provide a wide range of wood products, most are made from mahogany, a unique and durable tropical hardwood ... [More]

Soap Stone

Image of Soap Stone by Wazalendo Crafts

Soapstone is a stone indigenous to the Tabaka region of Kisii in Western Kenya. The stone derives its name from the soap-like properties when it is being washed ... [More]

Costume jewellery

Image of Costume Jewellery by Wazalendo Crafts

Intricately made of natural and coloured cow-bone and cow-horn materials. These include necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings and hairpins ... [More]

Bags and baskets

Image of Bags and Baskets by Wazalendo Crafts

Plain or multi-coloured hand woven bags (ciondos) and baskets made mainly of sisal or banana skin. High quality trendy designs in a variety of sizes ... [More]

For more information about the services we provide, please feel free to contact us on 44(0) 1843 867736.

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